Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tea Anyone?

This is the face that greets me every morning with a smile and a hug as big as her heart

She is my littlest fan, but size means nothing; she can squeeze the breath out of you

her birthday is on Friday and she loves cupcakes and tea parties

She received a precious tea set from a dear friend and begs to use it daily

My heart melts to watch her little face light up as she asks me " would you like some tea?"

There are crumbs on her face.... this is what love is made of

She sits and serves her sister who is celebrating with her, face smudged with icing

Little gifts from God
The two best of friends

They love each other and will fight for each other

And eat pink cupcakes together :)

Sticky little hands pouring from dainty teapots

They won't stay little for long

Some day these hands will be feeding children of her own, playing tea party with her girls and giving of herself constantly.

This is where it all begins

God is so gracious to bless me with these treasures; these hearts beyond value

~Happy Birthday my dear Amy!